STRIVE® reduced your vehicle’s emissions by investing in a wide range of reforestation, alternative energy, biomass, and other projects both locally and globally. Further, we support the Arbor Day Foundation and their certified CO2 reduction projects that provide net positive results and allow us to provide a sustainable solution for your company and community.


Cikel Brazilian Amazon REDD APD Project Cikel, Brazil

The CIKEL Brazilian Amazon REDD APD Project aims to avoid emissions from planned deforestation on a property in Paragominas Municipality, Para state, Brazil. The main activity of the CIKEL Brazilian Amazon REDD APD Project is the cancellation of the planned deforestation activities and the decision to instead conserve the forest area and continue limited forest management activities in the area under Forest Stewardship Council® Certification (FSC®) with Low Impact Logging (SFMLIL) practices.


Bluff Road Project – Landfill Gas Capture, United States

The Bluff Road Landfill is owned and operated by the City of Lincoln, NE. The permitted disposal area is approximately 171 acres. The Project includes the initial installation of 54 vertical landfill gas extraction wells, collection system piping, blower/flare station, and valves, pumps, and meters for the purpose of capturing and destroying methane. Additional landfill gas extraction wells and collection system piping will be installed in phases as the landfill expands vertically and horizontally.

Bundled wind power project in KMSPL, Bangalore, India

The project has been undertaken to harness the available wind power potential. The project has established 49 number of WTG aggregating to a total installed capacity of 38.275 MW. The project will generate approximately 89.92 million units of electricity per annum, which will be entirely sold to the State Electricity Boards or wheeled for captive consumption. The project will help in greenhouse gas emission reduction by using renewable energy resource for generating power which otherwise would have been generated using non- renewable, carbon-intensive fuel common in the grid. The project is a greenfield project aimed at utilizing wind energy to produce power. The implementation of the project will achieve approximately 83,350 CO2 emission reduction per annum by replacing grid-based electricity which is predominantly generated by fossil fuel based thermal power plant in Southern Grid.

Granger Decatur Landfill Gas Destruction Project, United States

The Morgan County Regional Landfill in Alabama is a 270 acre sanitary MSW landfill which opened in 1981. The Decatur Landfill recently collaborated with Granger Energy to install a gas collection system. The processed LFG is sent to a nearby steel plant via a short pipeline and unused gas is flared.

Bundled Wind Power Project in TASMA-V2, Tamilnadu, India

The project activity is a grouped Wind power project which involves installation of 396 WTGs in Tamilnadu, India, coordinated by Tamilnadu Spinning Mills Association (TASMA-V2). The intent of the Project Activity is to reduce GHG emissions and promote sustainable development by use of renewable energy (Wind) for generation of power by bringing together a number of investors with small power requirements to invest into wind turbines. The project thus generates approximately 4,559.321 GWh of Power and thus reduces approximately 41,73,925 CO2 over the period of 10 years. In the absence of the project activity, the equivalent amount of electricity would have been generated by the power plants connected with the southern grid which is predominantly based on fossil fuel.


Ecomapua Amazon REDD Project – Ilha de Marajo, Brazil

The Ecomapuá Amazon REDD Project is located on Marajó Island, Pará State, in Brazil’s Eastern Amazon region. The Marajó várzea is a critically valuable ecosystem, adding to the importance of the present project. The primary objective of the project is to avoid the unplanned deforestation (AUD) of an 86,269.84ha area within a private property owned by Ecomapuá Conservação Ltda. The present project will achieve predicted net reductions of 4,253.14ha of deforestation, and 1,432,278 CO2 emissions over the 30 year project lifetime (01/01/2003 – 31/12/2032). Furthermore, a proportion of the carbon credits generated will be dedicated to improving social and environmental conditions for local communities. Marajó Island is classified as “extremely high” priority for preservation by the Brazilian Environment Ministry (“MMA”), consequently, the Ecomapuá Amazon REDD Project contributes to National conservation goals and encourages further conservation efforts in and around this critical region.


Mt. Carberry Project – Landfill Gas Capture, United States

The Landfill is located in the Unincorporated Township of Success, N.H., and consists of approximately 67 acres of the developed landfill with an additional 43 acres which are undeveloped. The Landfill is projected to be operational through the year 2048 at the maximum fill rate per year (305,500 cubic yards per year) The site is approximately two miles east of Berlin, N.H. The landfill gas collection and destruction system was voluntarily installed in the Summer of 2007 and became operational in October 2007.

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