This week we are celebrating America Recycle’s Day! To do your part and recycle, here is a quick refresher on everything you can recycle!



Recycling metal saves 74{f092d7323ab4b1c0c369296a9158d4b3e1ba9952ff30452ead4a1fe48099a9cc} of the energy used to produce them! That is a huge percent and recycling your everyday metals can help. The most common everyday metal is going to be aluminum. Right away we think about aluminum cans, don’t forget to recycle your energy drink cans from 7-Eleven! Don’t forget about aluminum foil and other bakeware, we usually just toss these in the trash, when they are easy to recycle and reuse.  Another common everyday metal comes in another can, a steel can. You can recycle all those soup and vegetable cans as well. The benefit of recycling metal is that recycled metal is used to make more cans.



Paper is the most common waste that is recycled, but paper products and cardboard are often forgotten. Any cardboard can be thrown in the recycling bin! Cardboard is commonly made with recycled materials, so keep recycling. Speaking of paper… you can recycle your 7-Eleven coffee cups, hot food containers, napkins and your Slurpee cup! Make sure, every day, when you grab your morning coffee or snack from your local 7-Eleven that you make a difference just by throwing it in a recycling bin.



Glass recycling can be a bit picky. When trying to figure out what glass to recycle you should think about these few things: Is it real glass? Is it one color? By asking these things you will cut out a glass with contaminants like stones and dirt. When recycling glass it is best practice to take them yourself to a recycling center, that is because not all curbside recycling will take all kinds of glass. Glass recyclers are picky because it’s used to maintain high-quality glass with the same color. Great examples of glass to recycle are the bottles of premium soda, beer and even the private label wines sold at 7-Eleven Convenience Stores!


The best way to decide if a plastic can be recycled is to go by shape: bottles, jars, and jugs. That list will include your cold beverage choice of iced coffee or a Big Gulp from 7-Eleven. This will help you keep up with what can be recycled. When recycling these plastic items, make sure they are clean! A dirty bottle can be turned away from recycling when it could have simply been washed out. 



Yes, those old electronics in your kitchen drawer can be recycled! You can recycle computers, cell phones, office phones, TVs and more! The most efficient way to recycle these products is to take them to your local recycling center.



Happy America Recycle’s Day!