It’s good for the environment. You know that, but do you know what it actually means, and what Strive actually does?

Reduced Emissions – Sounds appealing, right? But do you know what that really means?

When you pump at any of our participating stations, right now that’s every Alon 7-Eleven station in Albuquerque (and in another city soon 😉 – stay tuned), you’re directly impacting the environment in a positive way. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you ANY extra than a normal tank of gas would. That’s because of wonderful thought-leaders like Alon , who have committed to helping the environment and who care about your community. After you drive off from the pump, we get to work.

We calculate your tailpipe emissions based on which type of fuel you chose to pump, the amount of gas you pumped in that pretty little ride of yours, your vehicle’s type, where you pumped your gas, and a number of other things. Your tailpipe emissions are what are produced through the combustion, or use, of your fuel while you’re driving around.

After we’ve calculated your emissions, we’ll invest in certified carbon reduction projects in order to offset or neutralize your emissions. Certified carbon reduction projects are projects like reforestation projects to protect forests, wind power or alternative energy projects, landfill projects, or tree planting projects. All of these projects pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, so the longer they are around and active, the more CO2 is being neutralized and oxygen produced.

We also go the extra mile, pun intended, by planting trees and investing in green-scape projects locally. For example, we planted over 60 trees and shrubs along the Rio Grande Riverin Albuquerque with Tree New Mexico. Events like these don’t go into our official calculations to reduce your vehicles emissions, but it certainly helps and makes a difference. If you’re interesting in volunteering for our next tree-planting event in your area, let us know by filling out our volunteer form here .

Still have questions? We love talking about this stuff! Write us on Facebook or send us a tweet . Don’t forget to include the #PumpHerePlantTrees hashtag.