What Are Nonprofits and What is National Nonprofit Day?

According to the Council of Nonprofits, a nonprofit organization is a group that is tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) as “public charities” because they are formed to provide “public benefit.”

National Nonprofit Day was founded by Sharita J. Herring to educate, enlighten, and inspire others to get out in their communities and make a difference, as well as acknowledge those who are making a difference every day. No amount of volunteer work is small and every minute of time spent helping others counts towards a more positive community. National Nonprofit Day is celebrated each year on August 17th.

When you pump at Alon store locations through the Strive program, you are helping your community. As part of our Strive program, we work with nonprofit organization, the Arbor Day Foundation, to plant trees in your communities.

The Arbor Day Foundation

As soon as you land onto the Arbor Day Foundation homepage, you are greeted with text that reads: ‘Trees Are Simply Amazing. They clean air and water, slow climate change, ease poverty and hunger, prevent species loss and feed the human soul. All we need to do is plant and care for them. Let’s work together to make it happen around the world.’

Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation is one of the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees, with over one million members, supporters, and valued partners. They plant and distribute more than 10 million trees each year.

The Arbor Day Foundation has founded many programs to promote tree planting in the U.S. such as Trees for America, Tree City USA, Community Tree Recovery, Rainforest Rescue, Nature Explore, and more. Programs are catered to people that live in urban and suburban areas, adults, and children. Basically, there is a program for every person out there that wants to make a difference.

We work with the Arbor Day Foundation because it allows us to come together for the benefit of your community, and it’s easy for you to contribute. Continue pumping the same high-quality fuel that you always pump and a portion of that goes towards our Strive program!

Celebrating National Nonprofit Day is a great way to give back, as well as praise those who work with nonprofits on a daily basis. Donating is always great, but there is something extra special and meaningful when you take time out of your day to work on a community project!