Sadly, summer is coming to an end, but who doesn’t love the transition of nature, the crisp smell of fall air, and cooler weather to enjoy outdoor activities? While you are getting ready for fall, follow these five tips to make your transition easier and eco-friendly! Goodbye summer, hello fall!

  • Go through your closet and clean it out! Make a pile of clothes you’ve barely worn during the summer, along with fall clothes you don’t remember showing off too much the year before. Place all of the unwanted clothing in a donation box. Pack away your summer clothes and make room in your closet for fall and winter clothing. Hello, sweaters and boots! When you go donate your clothing, pick up a few gently used flannels and sweaters to get you excited for the season change!

  • Turn off your air conditioning or remove your air conditioning unit from your window(s). Fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy nature’s temperature by opening up your windows and letting the cool breeze in. This will save you money and energy!

  • As the leaves begin to change and fall, do a little more with your bag of leaves. Rake up the leaves, put them in a pile, jump in them first, because who doesn’t love a little fun while doing yard work, and use the leaves for compost for next spring. Gather your leaves together and put them in a pile, add water to them because they will decompose faster when doing so, and watch the leaves biodegrade by the time spring rolls around! Then you will have fresh compost for your spring garden!

  • Host a fall themed party at your home! Create your own decorations from scraps at home and have each guest bring their favorite dish to share with other guests. Spice things up and have a Halloween costume contest or dance off with prizes!

  • Go outside and enjoy the fall weather! Go for a hike, a walk on a trail, or visit a flea market! Find your perfect trail or day hike in Texas here! Be sure to fill up at Alon Strive locations to reduce your tailpipe emissions by up to 30% when you’re out and about!

The transition from summer to fall can be sad, but as you ease into fall don’t forget about the fun summer memories you made! With these tips, you can make the transition as easy and eco-friendly as possible! From Alon to you, Happy Fall!