Old Man Winter has shown his face and once again winter is here.

Winter can be an enjoyable time, but occasionally we all get that pricey energy bill that makes us wonder what to do. While the bitter cold may cause you to throw another log on the fire or turn up your thermostat, this will increase your energy consumption and thus your energy bills. To combat this, consider these ways you can save some money and reduce your energy use during the winter months.

Channel the Sun’s Energy

-If you’re home during the day and feeling chilly, open the blinds and let the sunlight in. This will allow the sun’s rays to heat your home and will eliminate the need to turn your thermostat up during the day.

Make some minor adjustments to your home

-Using curtains to block drafts from windows can help you save energy by blocking cold air from entering your home. If your windows have gaps or areas where cold air can come in, consider filling them with sealant or caulking.-Applying weatherstripping to doors in your home can also keep out the cold air.

Put on a Sweater

-In the 1970s, the United States endured an energy crisis and in a national televised address, President Jimmy Carter suggested that Americans turn down their thermostats and put on a sweater. While this may see extreme, it isn’t too outlandish. Take some fashion advice from a Peanut Farmer and put on an extra layer in the evening. Keeping your thermostat at or under 70°F (I prefer 68°F) will reduce your energy usage and help save you money. Thanks, Jimmy.

Programmable Thermostats

-There are several brands of thermostats that use smart technology to fluctuate the temperature in your home so you don’t have to. You can program the device to heat your home to a certain temperature when you are present and to maintain a lower temperature when you are not home. They even have features for controlling the temperature during times of extended absences such as being out of town for a weekend or vacations.

-Some local energy providers offer subsidies to purchase this technology. Check with your local energy provider and let technology help you reduce your energy usage.-To find out which thermostat might be right for you, check out this link.

Only Heat the Rooms You Use

-Closing the vents in rooms you don’t normally use can help reduce your usage as well. Laundry rooms, guest rooms and dining rooms are viable candidates for vent closings.


-Being able to burn a few logs in a fireplace is one of my favorite things about the winter. While the burning of logs technically uses energy, opting to use your fireplace in lieu of a heater can help reduce your energy costs. However, just make sure you check that the damper is closed after your fire is out. This will keep cold air from entering your home and will keep your home’s temperature at a comfortable, cozy level.

We hope these tips will help you reduce your energy consumption and in turn can cause your energy bills to decrease. Stay warm and don’t forget that you can also reduce your carbon emissions by 30% this winter by filling up with Alon Strive.