5 Ways to Keep America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful Month has been celebrated every April since the 1950s and recognizes the work led by more than 600 state and community-based affiliates, local partners, public officials, businesses and passionate volunteers. These passionate participants work...

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3 Ways to Recycle E-Waste

How frequently do you find yourself upgrading to the latest and greatest cell phone, laptop, or TV? Electronics have become a standard in this generation and we don’t think twice about buying brand-new technology, even if our older versions are acceptable. According...

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2019 Winter Energy Saving Tips

Old Man Winter has shown his face and once again winter is here. Winter can be an enjoyable time, but occasionally we all get that pricey energy bill that makes us wonder what to do. While the bitter cold may cause you to throw another log on the fire or turn up your...

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5 Ways To Keep It Green This New Year

It’s that time of the year, and all over social media you’re seeing it. “New Year. New Me” New gym memberships, promises to eat healthier, weight loss goals, plans of self improvement - the list of New Year’s Resolutions goes on and on. While some people’s best...

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The STRIVE Volunteer Marathon

Over the past couple of months, ALON has been actively volunteering to reduce their carbon footprints! As part of the Strive reduced emissions program, ALON volunteers have been giving their services to support our communities! We have led opportunities to plant trees...

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Green Holiday Travel

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are here which mean friends, family, extended family, work holiday parties, and more are in your near future. While you’re traveling to all of the festivities, or switching up your tradition and going on vacation,...

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Prepare for Holiday Feasts the Green Way!

The Holidays are coming. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas and/or New Year’s with your family and friends, there is a great chance that you will be creating a giant feast for everyone to gather and share together. A lot of waste can be...

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Eco-Friendly: There’s An App for That

We live in an advanced age of technology.  Applications for your phone have been developed to make our lives easier with every day tasks such as driving, finding restaurants, and have even altered the way we shop. Bottom line: if you are looking for a way to make any...

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