Pump Here.
Plant Trees.™

What is STRIVE?

Every time you fill up with STRIVE® program plants trees in our communities and invests in carbon reduction projects such as reforestation, solar power, wind power, and more to reduce your tailpipe emissions up to 30%.

Step 1:

You pump the same  quality fuel.

Step 2:

We plant trees and support carbon reduction projects.

Step 3:

Together we reduce emissions and breathe easy!

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Pump gas. Plant trees. All over the U.S.

How it Works

For every gallon of fuel you purchase with the STRIVE® program, stores will invest in local greenscape, reforestation, wildlife protection, and renewable energy projects that not only reduce your car’s emissions but also improve your community!

Who We Are

Millions of consumers want eco-friendly, organic, and natural products. Communities are concerned about their wildlife, outdoors, and air quality. Blue bins are everywhere and over 89% of consumers recycle. Yet, given the state of automotive technology consumers still emit millions of metric tons of Carbon Dioxide when they drive. We are here to provide consumers with a local solution that enables them to improve their communities for years to come.


Hydro Power
Landfill Gas
Wind Power
STRIVE® reduces your emissions by proportionally investing in certified alternative energy, reforestation, biomass, and other projects both locally and globally that are proven to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and make your communties a better place to live.

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