The 5 Rs to Sustainability

  • By Strive Fuel Team
  • 13 Jul, 2017

Okay so we have all heard it before, the 5 R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. But how can we put those concepts to use in our everyday lives? Below are some ways that you can integrate the 5 R's into your life. 


The refuse concept can get lost, what does it mean? Refuse is a simple concept: Don’t take the freebie. That Frisbee that they’re giving out at a baseball game, say no to the pen at the bank. Another concept of Refuse is to decline a bag at the grocery store. If you only got a few things, no need for a bag! Basically, if it can’t be recycled or is emits harmful chemicals to the environment “refuse” and go with a better, greener alternative.


Think of all the ways that we could reduce waste! Get your bills electronically, unsubscribe from that magazine you never read or use sticky notes on your device. This can also be applied to your energy usage. Turn off your electronics when they are not in use, unplug the charged cell phone that stays on the cord all night and only charge it when it is needed. Another way you can reduce your energy usage is by being hyper aware of your air conditioning/heat. Only heat or cool a home when you’re there. If you are going on vacation, turn the heat down or the AC up. You can even have an expert come and audit your energy use. This a lot of times is free and will save you money down the road!


Reuse something you already have instead of buying something new. Buy things that can be washed and reused instead of single use items. This will also save you money! Reuse your plastic bags, or buy a reusable bag next time you’re at the store! Don’t buy plastic ware, stick to your silverware and plates at home! If you are hosting a party and need to use plastic cups, use a sharpie to reduce the number of cups that each guest uses. Save containers that your take out comes in, or the jar that the jelly was in. This is even a fun activity you can get the kids involved with!


Get creative! What around the house can you use as a storage bin instead of buying one at the store? You can use old veggie scraps to make broth and then repurpose them by composting! Before you think about throwing something out, think about how you can repurpose it around the house.


Last and most well-known we have Recycle. This should be your last-ditch effort to use one of the five R’s. Look at all the things you are recycling monthly, can you use one of the above R’s instead? Recycling can be tricky if you are not aware of what you can recycle. There are so many options! You can recycle basics like paper, cardboard and plastic. You can recycle fabric! Even if it has a stain on it, recycle! Consider ways or companies that recycle old electronics, don’t let them sit in a drawer at home or go straight to the trash. If you are not sure it can be recycled, check out this list for some guidance.


By Strive Fuel Team 21 Nov, 2017

Eat organic.

This includes your turkey... try to source a turkey locally and from a more humanely raised setting.  Going the organic route will cut down on the chemicals used to grow your produce.

Use your local Farmer’s Market.

Figure out what vegetables are in season and get creative.  Most Thanksgiving seasonal vegetables will be in season apart from only a few.  This will cut down on the gas, CO2 emissions and transportation it takes to ship seasonal food around the world.

By Strive Fuel Team 09 Nov, 2017
Our trees have outgrown our planters! So, we decided to donate them to organizations around each market to give back to our local communities. Each of these organizations were in need of trees, and because our trees are native to each market, they fit the bill perfectly!
By Strive Fuel Team 26 Oct, 2017

1. Reuse Reuse Reuse!
Throughout the year, keep an eye out for things that could replace decorations you have bought in the past. Old bed sheets can turn into ghosts. Styrofoam can easily be cut into whatever shape you like!

2. Make your own costume.
Keep around old clothing that could be turned into a costume. For example, old t-shirts, black shorts, any neutral clothing that can easily be painted or dyed. Shop at thrift stores! Thrift stores can hold treasures that can complete your Halloween costume. Get the kids involved with their own costumes. Let their imagination take the lead.

If the costume has been worn and you see no further use for it, don’t throw it away. Take the costume to a local shelter, thrift-store, or daycare. Better yet talk to your friends and neighbors about hosting a costume swap for the next year!

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