New Ecosystem Along The Bosque

  • By Strive Fuel Team
  • 21 Sep, 2015

There's a new ecosystem that was planted along the Bosque thanks to Alon 7-Eleven with Strive Fuel.

On Saturday, Sept. 19th, about 30 volunteers, including Alon employees, the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division, and some of the #FreeStriveFuel contest winners and their families, planted an entire new ecosystem along the Bosque as a result of the Strive Fuel program. That means that just because you have chosen to pump your gas at Alon 7-Eleven stations in Albuquerque, we were able to do this!
Eric Corley, Regional Manager of Alon 7-Eleven stations, and Maryann Garrett, with Strive Fuel, presented the Grand Prize winner, Rudy Arviso, of the #FreeStriveFuel contest with a YEAR's worth of free gas! 

Rudy Arviso was excited about the free gas, but was most excited about being able to improve his community [through Strive Fuel and Alon 7-Eleven], spend time with his family on a beautiful Saturday morning, and plant a tree with his son Dillon, in hopes that he can come back to the spot in a few years when the trees grow to be tall, and reminisce with him.
Matthew Peterson, the Forestry Supervisor of the City of Albuquerque, lead the planting by explaining the importance of planting in that particular area. He explained that the area has been dried up, and our goal is to bring the area back to life to provide a habitat for animals, to reinforce the beautification efforts being made, and to bring more green to the Bosque. If you've never biked along the trail nearby, you're missing out! Maybe you'll see some of our newly planted trees when you do.
We had an awesome group, fueled by lots of coffee of course, that helped make the tree planting a possibility! Shout out to Tree New Mexico for making such a commitment to maintaining Albuquerque's environment.
If you're thinking, "that looks really fun..." You're right. If you want to join in on the fun next time, fill out our volunteer form , and we'll let you know when our next tree planting is! 

Thanks for embracing Strive Fuel in the Albuquerque community. Keep pumping at Alon 7-Eleven stations to drive clean and breathe easy!


By Strive Fuel Team 21 Nov, 2017

Eat organic.

This includes your turkey... try to source a turkey locally and from a more humanely raised setting.  Going the organic route will cut down on the chemicals used to grow your produce.

Use your local Farmer’s Market.

Figure out what vegetables are in season and get creative.  Most Thanksgiving seasonal vegetables will be in season apart from only a few.  This will cut down on the gas, CO2 emissions and transportation it takes to ship seasonal food around the world.

By Strive Fuel Team 09 Nov, 2017
Our trees have outgrown our planters! So, we decided to donate them to organizations around each market to give back to our local communities. Each of these organizations were in need of trees, and because our trees are native to each market, they fit the bill perfectly!
By Strive Fuel Team 26 Oct, 2017

1. Reuse Reuse Reuse!
Throughout the year, keep an eye out for things that could replace decorations you have bought in the past. Old bed sheets can turn into ghosts. Styrofoam can easily be cut into whatever shape you like!

2. Make your own costume.
Keep around old clothing that could be turned into a costume. For example, old t-shirts, black shorts, any neutral clothing that can easily be painted or dyed. Shop at thrift stores! Thrift stores can hold treasures that can complete your Halloween costume. Get the kids involved with their own costumes. Let their imagination take the lead.

If the costume has been worn and you see no further use for it, don’t throw it away. Take the costume to a local shelter, thrift-store, or daycare. Better yet talk to your friends and neighbors about hosting a costume swap for the next year!

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