How to Go Back to School Sustainably!

  • By Strive Fuel Team
  • 28 Jul, 2017

The summer is winding down and it is time to head back to school! Although back to school shopping seems like a necessity before students can take on their first day of the new school year, it’s important to think about how much we consume, and how to head back to school sustainably. And it can be done with these six steps!  

Take Inventory

Before you hit the store for student’s must have school supplies, take an inventory of what you already have. Didn’t use all those colored pencils or pens last year? That’s great! They can be used for this year. Avoid last minute impulse purchases, and don’t over buy. Ask yourself, “Is it really going to get used?” Make a supplies list and stick to it. Think of all the money you can save as well!


Choose Greener Products

When purchasing school supplies, opt for the greener choices. Purchase biodegradable pencils and refillable pens so when they do run out, they aren’t sitting in landfills for years to come. Choose recycled paper products, and buy supplies with less packaging (it’s all going to get thrown away anyway.)

Make Lunch Sustainable

When preparing lunches, consider a reusable insulated lunch box over a brown paper bag. Ditch the plastic baggies for snacks and sandwiches, and use washable, reusable food containers instead. Take your sustainability practices a step further and stay away from the prepackaged snacks. By eliminating prepackaged food, you are cutting down the number of wrappers that will end up in landfills each year!


Rent or Purchase Used Textbooks

Everyone dreads syllabus day, and the following textbook purchase. Consider buying used textbooks that are often available at campus bookstores, and online. Renting or buying used textbooks can help to reduce the number of books being created, which can save millions of trees. While you’re at it, check to see if the text book can be accessed online! By reading online, you will save paper and reduce waste. Why not save a little money, and help the earth while doing it?

Go for Refurbished Tech

For those students that need tech devices like tablets and computers, consider buying recycled or refurbished devices. If you have a device that isn’t fully operational, go get it fixed over purchasing a new one. Also, take advantage of rechargeable batteries for electronics. Instead of running out and purchasing a new pack of batteries every time a device runs out of juice, you can recharge the batteries. These are great ways to help reduce landfill waste, and decrease pollution!


Continue Sustainable Practices

When school is back in session, continue to be green and sustainable through the year. Keep your sustainable practices in mind by using notebooks throughout the year, and remember to use both sides of the paper when taking notes or printing off papers. Keep packing lunches with reusable containers and refillable water bottles. Have old technology or devices that you don’t use anymore? Try recycling it with companies like TechDump ! Your small efforts will help keep you sustainable and won’t change your daily habits!

With a new school year approaching, it’s easy to lose focus on sustainability. But if you follow these steps, you can make a difference in reducing waste and help your wallet! So, head back to school sustainably and have the best year yet!


By Strive Fuel Team 21 Nov, 2017

Eat organic.

This includes your turkey... try to source a turkey locally and from a more humanely raised setting.  Going the organic route will cut down on the chemicals used to grow your produce.

Use your local Farmer’s Market.

Figure out what vegetables are in season and get creative.  Most Thanksgiving seasonal vegetables will be in season apart from only a few.  This will cut down on the gas, CO2 emissions and transportation it takes to ship seasonal food around the world.

By Strive Fuel Team 09 Nov, 2017
Our trees have outgrown our planters! So, we decided to donate them to organizations around each market to give back to our local communities. Each of these organizations were in need of trees, and because our trees are native to each market, they fit the bill perfectly!
By Strive Fuel Team 26 Oct, 2017

1. Reuse Reuse Reuse!
Throughout the year, keep an eye out for things that could replace decorations you have bought in the past. Old bed sheets can turn into ghosts. Styrofoam can easily be cut into whatever shape you like!

2. Make your own costume.
Keep around old clothing that could be turned into a costume. For example, old t-shirts, black shorts, any neutral clothing that can easily be painted or dyed. Shop at thrift stores! Thrift stores can hold treasures that can complete your Halloween costume. Get the kids involved with their own costumes. Let their imagination take the lead.

If the costume has been worn and you see no further use for it, don’t throw it away. Take the costume to a local shelter, thrift-store, or daycare. Better yet talk to your friends and neighbors about hosting a costume swap for the next year!

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