Go Green this St. Patty's Day, and not just your clothes! 

  • By Strive Fuel Team
  • 16 Mar, 2017

St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday that encourages everyone to participate and wear green.  This year do more than just wearing your green and do something green for the environment! Below are 8 ways you can be green this St. Patty's Day: 

1.     Get your green clothes from a thrift store. Shopping from a thrift store can help you go green because you will be keeping those clothes out of a landfill. Not only will you keep them out of the landfill, but you will also save emissions from production and distribution. The 90s style is once again on trend, so find your clothes for a bargain!

2.     Shop at your local Farmer’s Market for fun green food. St. Patrick’s Day is a great way to try out new recipes. Shop for the ingredients to your fun, green foods at your local Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s markets are sustainable and will keep your money in the local economy.

3.     Try to use old decorations. If you are a saver, you will likely already have old St. Patrick’s Day decorations. If you are not a saver now is the year to start! Find old things around the house you can reuse.

4.     Get crafty with nature. This holiday is the perfect holiday to incorporate nature. The theme is all green. Go outside and find some greenery that can double as decorations for this fun day.

5.     Use public transportation. Going to a St. Patty’s Day parade? Take public transportation to get there! Public transportation is more sustainable than driving because of the amount of people it is built to hold. No public transportation around you? Bike or Walk! Too far to walk? Carpool. There are always ways to make your trip more sustainable.

6.     Drink local. As with shopping locally, drinking from local breweries will keep your money in your local economy. It also cuts down on distribution emissions. Go buy a growler from a local brewery and bring it home for the celebration. If you are really into the holiday, it is simple and easy to make your own green beer! Take your local draft and add a few drops of food coloring.

7.     Plant a tree. Trees are green! Go out and plant a tree before all the holiday’s festivities. Trees absorb CO2, odors and gas from the air. They also provide oxygen. In one year, an acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for 18 people. So, make this a fun St. Patty’s tradition and watch your trees grow as you continue to plant new ones!

8.     Fill up with Strive Fuel.  If you are traveling out of your city for St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you fill up at an ALON 7-Eleven before leaving!

Have fun, be safe, wear green and be green! These tips can not only be used for St. Patrick’s Day, but can be applied to everyday life.


By Strive Fuel Team 21 Nov, 2017

Eat organic.

This includes your turkey... try to source a turkey locally and from a more humanely raised setting.  Going the organic route will cut down on the chemicals used to grow your produce.

Use your local Farmer’s Market.

Figure out what vegetables are in season and get creative.  Most Thanksgiving seasonal vegetables will be in season apart from only a few.  This will cut down on the gas, CO2 emissions and transportation it takes to ship seasonal food around the world.

By Strive Fuel Team 09 Nov, 2017
Our trees have outgrown our planters! So, we decided to donate them to organizations around each market to give back to our local communities. Each of these organizations were in need of trees, and because our trees are native to each market, they fit the bill perfectly!
By Strive Fuel Team 26 Oct, 2017

1. Reuse Reuse Reuse!
Throughout the year, keep an eye out for things that could replace decorations you have bought in the past. Old bed sheets can turn into ghosts. Styrofoam can easily be cut into whatever shape you like!

2. Make your own costume.
Keep around old clothing that could be turned into a costume. For example, old t-shirts, black shorts, any neutral clothing that can easily be painted or dyed. Shop at thrift stores! Thrift stores can hold treasures that can complete your Halloween costume. Get the kids involved with their own costumes. Let their imagination take the lead.

If the costume has been worn and you see no further use for it, don’t throw it away. Take the costume to a local shelter, thrift-store, or daycare. Better yet talk to your friends and neighbors about hosting a costume swap for the next year!

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