After Hurricane Harvey and Irma - How you can help

  • By Strive Fuel Team
  • 14 Sep, 2017

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have left a trail of devastation for thousands in their wake through Texas, Florida and many Caribbean Islands. Our thoughts go out to all of those affected by these natural disasters. 

Now looking forward there will be a huge need for disaster relief that will include clean-up, supplies and donations. Here are some ways you can help:


1. Donate Money. The simplest way you can get involved in the relief help is to donate monetarily. Families have lost everything and will have to rebuild their homes and their lives. Look around your local town and you will see companies and businesses all over supporting relief efforts. It might be a dollar at checkout at the grocery store. So give what you can, every little bit will help! If you are looking for the easiest way to get involved, you can text HARVEY or IRMA to 90999 to automatically give $10. You can also look at the Red Cross website to donate .

2. Donate Time. Volunteer your time to the relief effort. There are a lot of opportunities, but also a lot volunteers. If you are thinking or wanting to volunteer, talk with the program you are assisting and make sure that the best way you can help is through volunteering. Sometimes, in these situations, there can be too many volunteers where other donations are needed more. If more volunteers aren’t needed, there are plenty of other ways to help.

3. Donate Supplies. What better time than now to clean out your closet? Have good-conditioned clothes that aren’t being worn? Donate them to the Hurricane victims as many have lost everything. This is a great opportunity to gives to the disaster victims. The Salvation Army is a great resource for donating supplies! Affected areas will need water and food to keep displaced victims fed and hydrated. They will need cleaning supplies and anything that will help repair damage. If you are wanting to get involved and offer aid, check out The Salvation Army donation page to learn how you can best help.


Natural disasters can be completely devastating, but they can also bring together communities. Please give where you can and keep affected areas in your thoughts as they begin to rebuild!


By Strive Fuel Team 12 Jan, 2018

Have a recycle only trash bin.

Clearly label a bin for paper, plastic, and aluminum only. Also, clearly label your trash bin. Clearly labeling your bins will not only keep you in check, but it will also help houseguests recycle as well.  

Not sure what you can recycle? Check out this guide .



This should be any easy explanation.  Use the buddy system and carpool to work or school. This will save you gas money, as well as reduce your fuel emission.


Use reusable bags.

Using reusable bags cuts down on your plastic waste.  This is especially important because plastic grocery bags cannot go in the recycle bin.  It can also be helpful to grocery shop with a bag that is a little bigger than the plastic ones at the store.


Use a personal water bottle.

Using a personal water bottle will also cut down on your plastic waste.  It is refillable and washable. On the same note, use a travel coffee mug and skip the Starbucks line.


Use washable dishes.

Whenever you can, avoid paper/plastic dishware.  If you are having a party, that will surpass the scale to use washable dishes, make sure you have a recycle bin and use a marker for your guests to mark their drinks. Having guests mark their drinks will keep each guest accountable for their own cup.


Throughout the year collect or reuse things as you see fit. Think of holidays coming up and what kind of things could be used for decorations. Take old clothes to a thrift store.  Reuse that glass you put down in the morning.  Constantly think about what you could be reusing (like that pile of grocery bags in the cabinet).


New light bulbs.

Get new compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL).  These guys will cut down your energy bill and last longer than an incandescent light bulb.


Cut back on holiday waste.

Get creative with how you wrap presents. Use fabric, or reuse wrapping paper.  This will cut down on waste around the holiday season, as well as birthdays.

By Strive Fuel Team 22 Dec, 2017

Choosing a Tree

If having a real tree is crucial in your holiday experience, go get one! There are ways you can reuse or recycle your tree once the season is over.

One way to have a real tree experience is to reuse your tree. A potted tree this season can not only be used for celebration but can be kept in your yard and enjoyed long after the season is over. Just purchase a potted tree from your local nursery! Decorate the potted tree for the holiday season, and then just plant your tree outside after the holidays are over.

By Strive Fuel Team 21 Nov, 2017

Eat organic.

This includes your turkey... try to source a turkey locally and from a more humanely raised setting.  Going the organic route will cut down on the chemicals used to grow your produce.

Use your local Farmer’s Market.

Figure out what vegetables are in season and get creative.  Most Thanksgiving seasonal vegetables will be in season apart from only a few.  This will cut down on the gas, CO2 emissions and transportation it takes to ship seasonal food around the world.

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