7 Tips to Help You Drive Clean

  • By Strive Fuel Team
  • 16 Oct, 2015

Use these easy tips to make your driving habits a little better for the environment. 

Drive steadily. 
By maintaining a steady speed, your fuel efficiency will improve and your fuel consumption will decrease. Optimal speeds vary depending on location, type of vehicle, and etc., but maintaining a steady pace on highways will help with your efficiency.

Use cruise control.
Cruise control makes your life easier, and helps with fuel efficiency. Why not put it to use? Make sure you're safe about it, so don't use it when you're on hills or in traffic, but this will help keep your driving speeds steady and save fuel in the long run. 

Keep your tires properly inflated. 
You should make sure you're checking your tires at least once per month. When you do, use your own tire gauge to keep results consistent. If your tire isn't inflated properly, your fuel consumption can increase by as much as 6%. 

Reduce your idle time. 
Avoid idling for long periods of time. If you think you'll be stopped for more than a minute or so, it's best to turn off the engine, rather than remaining idle. Restarting your car after turning it off actually uses less fuel than letting it idle for more than a minute.

Maintain your car's efficiency.
Make sure you're servicing your car regularly. A poor engine can use up to 50% more fuel and emissions. Getting your car checked on a regular basis will ensure that you're traveling in the most efficient way possible. 

Keep a tight gas cap.
After you fill up (with Strive Fuel of course ;) ), be sure to twist your cap until you hear the second click. Gas can evaporate as a vapor if you don't, wasting fuel and increasing emissions. 

Fill up with Strive Fuel.
Strive Fuel automatically offsets the tailpipe emissions that your car produced, each time you fill up at the pump. We'll invest in carbon neutral projects, local tree plantings, solar energy projects, and more to make your drive a little greener. It's so easy for you to do, and will help sustain our environment. It's so easy, and makes the world of a difference! Use our Station Finder to locate the station with Strive Fuel closest to you.

Do you have any other tips you use to travel efficiently? Let us know! 


By Strive Fuel Team 13 Jul, 2017


The refuse concept can get lost, what does it mean? Refuse is a simple concept: Don’t take the freebie. That Frisbee that they’re giving out at a baseball game, say no to the pen at the bank. Another concept of Refuse is to decline a bag at the grocery store. If you only got a few things, no need for a bag! Basically, if it can’t be recycled or is emits harmful chemicals to the environment “refuse” and go with a better, greener alternative.


Think of all the ways that we could reduce waste! Get your bills electronically, unsubscribe from that magazine you never read or use sticky notes on your device. This can also be applied to your energy usage. Turn off your electronics when they are not in use, unplug the charged cell phone that stays on the cord all night and only charge it when it is needed. Another way you can reduce your energy usage is by being hyper aware of your air conditioning/heat. Only heat or cool a home when you’re there. If you are going on vacation, turn the heat down or the AC up. You can even have an expert come and audit your energy use. This a lot of times is free and will save you money down the road!

By Strive Fuel Team 22 Jun, 2017

Cover your windows. These bright sunny days make for great summer activities, but a lot of the heat that gets in the house comes through windows. When the sun shines through, it warms up the room. Use curtains to cover the windows. This gives you control of the amount of sunlight entering your home. You can also use shutters and work from the outside before the heat has a chance to get inside.  

Seal draughts. Heat can sneak into your home through the cracks under doors and around windows. Sealing drafts can help prevent the unwanted heat, and make it easier to cool down your home. Seal cracks with fillers around the window and door frames. Use draught strips and weather-seals to seal gaps under doors. If you are trying to cool your home on a tighter budget, try pushing a towel under your door to prevent heat from slipping in!

Ventilate your home. If the weather cools down for a day or an evening, try ventilating by opening your windows and doors. This will flush out the warm air and let in the cooler air from outside!

By Strive Fuel Team 13 Apr, 2017
With Easter right around the corner, you might not have time to go out and buy your Easter egg dying kit. But don’t worry! There are several eco-friendly recipes using things you already have around the house:

1.  Classic Home Made Dye. Your classic homemade dye is made with vinegar, water, and food coloring.

 -  First boil your eggs. (For egg dying purposes it is best to use white eggs, simply because the brown egg will not hold the color as well. Save your brown eggs for eating)
 -  Once eggs are boiled, allow them time to cool.
 -  Boil a pot of water. Once boiling, separate into glass cups.
 -  Add 1 tbsp. and food-coloring to each glass.
 -  Let them sit until color has set in.
 -  To decorate these eggs, use things you have around the house! Circle sticker, bunny stickers, masking or electrical tape.
 -  Get creative! With the stickers and tape, you can create different layers of colors.

2.  The Natural Route. There are several different things you can use to create natural dye each recipe is per cup of water:

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