4 Different Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

  • By Strive Fuel Team
  • 13 Apr, 2017

Eco-Friendly, DIY Easter Eggs using dyes made with things at home!

With Easter right around the corner, you might not have time to go out and buy your Easter egg dying kit. But don’t worry! There are several eco-friendly recipes using things you already have around the house:

1.  Classic Home Made Dye. Your classic homemade dye is made with vinegar, water, and food coloring.

 -  First boil your eggs. (For egg dying purposes it is best to use white eggs, simply because the brown egg will not hold the color as well. Save your brown eggs for eating)
 -  Once eggs are boiled, allow them time to cool.
 -  Boil a pot of water. Once boiling, separate into glass cups.
 -  Add 1 tbsp. and food-coloring to each glass.
 -  Let them sit until color has set in.
 -  To decorate these eggs, use things you have around the house! Circle sticker, bunny stickers, masking or electrical tape.
 -  Get creative! With the stickers and tape, you can create different layers of colors.

2.  The Natural Route. There are several different things you can use to create natural dye each recipe is per cup of water:

 -  1 cup chopped purple cabbage — makes blue eggs

 -  1 cup red onion skins — makes lavender or red eggs

 -  1 cup yellow onion skins — makes orange eggs

 -  1 cup shredded beets — makes pink eggs

 -  2 tablespoons ground turmeric — makes yellow eggs

 -  1 bag Red Zinger tea — makes lavender eggs

Boil your eggs, then let them cool to room temperature. Pour the amount of water you need for the dye you're making into a saucepan. Add your dye ingredient and bring the water to a boil. Once it is boiling bring it down to a simmer for 15-30 minutes. You want your dye to be a couple shades darker than the color you want on your egg. Let the mixture cool. Once cooled pour over a strainer into a bowl and add 1 tbsp. of vinegar per cup of dye. Pour the dye over the eggs, make sure the eggs are fully submerged, and allow to cool completely in the fridge. Remove from dye and your eggs are done!

3.  Kool-Aid Dye. This is a fun inexpensive way to make your eggs, and it will make your eggs smell fun and fruity!

 -  Boil your eggs and allow them to cool.

 -  Mix one single pack of Kool-Aid with 2/3 cup of water.

 -  The eggs do not have to sit long before they become brightly colored from the dye.

 -  To get a nice yellow, use one packet of Lemonade mixed with a quarter to half packet of Orange.

 -  To get light pink, use one packet of Pink Lemonade and add a little bit of Cherry or Strawberry.

 -  To get an indigo color, add some Berry Blue to the mix of Grape. 

 -  These eggs are fun and colorful! Once the dye has dried, your egg will not taste fruity when you eat them!

4.   Shaving Cream. This is a create fun way to get tie dye eggs! You might want to wear some gloves for this one.

 -  Boil your eggs and allow them to cool.

 -  Grab your shaving cream and fill an aluminum tray about ¾ full. You might need a couple cans. It needs to be foam, not gel.

 -  Next, start dripping in your food dye!

 -  With a straw or knife, drag the colors around the shaving cream to create tie dye swirls.

 -  All you need to do is roll your eggs around the swirls! You can always add more food dye as you go.

 -  Place the shaving cream covered eggs on a plate or cardboard so they won’t roll.

 -  Let them dry about 10 minutes before washing them off.

 -  Your eggs should turn out with swirled, fun colors!

With all Easter dying, you should not throw out these eggs! Most dying will only stain/flavor the outer shell of the egg. The edible parts of the egg will still be edible! If you do feel the need to throw them out, compost them!  Happy Easter! 


By Strive Fuel Team 14 Sep, 2017

Now looking forward there will be a huge need for disaster relief that will include clean-up, supplies and donations. Here are some ways you can help:


1. Donate Money. The simplest way you can get involved in the relief help is to donate monetarily. Families have lost everything and will have to rebuild their homes and their lives. Look around your local town and you will see companies and businesses all over supporting relief efforts. It might be a dollar at checkout at the grocery store. So give what you can, every little bit will help! If you are looking for the easiest way to get involved, you can text HARVEY or IRMA to 90999 to automatically give $10. You can also look at the Red Cross website to donate .

2. Donate Time. Volunteer your time to the relief effort. There are a lot of opportunities, but also a lot volunteers. If you are thinking or wanting to volunteer, talk with the program you are assisting and make sure that the best way you can help is through volunteering. Sometimes, in these situations, there can be too many volunteers where other donations are needed more. If more volunteers aren’t needed, there are plenty of other ways to help.

3. Donate Supplies. What better time than now to clean out your closet? Have good-conditioned clothes that aren’t being worn? Donate them to the Hurricane victims as many have lost everything. This is a great opportunity to gives to the disaster victims. The Salvation Army is a great resource for donating supplies! Affected areas will need water and food to keep displaced victims fed and hydrated. They will need cleaning supplies and anything that will help repair damage. If you are wanting to get involved and offer aid, check out The Salvation Army donation page to learn how you can best help.


Natural disasters can be completely devastating, but they can also bring together communities. Please give where you can and keep affected areas in your thoughts as they begin to rebuild!
By Strive Fuel Team 17 Aug, 2017

If you’re not in one of these cities with totality, don’t worry! You will see a sliver of the moon go over the sun, and will still be able to see the eclipse, you just won’t be in total darkness. If you are in totality, this means that from your viewpoint you will be in complete darkness. So, if you’re close to a city that will be in totality, head out on a road trip to the nearest city! Did you know this is the first solar eclipse to go over the US since 1918? Take the kids out of school and experience a solar eclipse together!

The eclipse will start at the Northern tip of Oregon and go across the US to the East Coast of South Carolina. At the start of the eclipse, in Oregon, the sun will actually rise totally eclipsed. This is a rare sight and over 500,000 people are estimated to travel and see it! However, it is estimated that the most people will be traveling to South Carolina because it is the closest destination for the entire Eastern Seaboard. There is an estimated 2 million people traveling to see the eclipse in totality. In total, it is estimated that 7 million people might travel to the path of totality. So be safe on the roads as you travel!Fill up with our fuel with reduced emissions so that your carbon footprint will be reduced while you travel to enjoy the eclipse.

By Strive Fuel Team 28 Jul, 2017

Take Inventory

Before you hit the store for student’s must have school supplies, take an inventory of what you already have. Didn’t use all those colored pencils or pens last year? That’s great! They can be used for this year. Avoid last minute impulse purchases, and don’t over buy. Ask yourself, “Is it really going to get used?” Make a supplies list and stick to it. Think of all the money you can save as well!


Choose Greener Products

When purchasing school supplies, opt for the greener choices. Purchase biodegradable pencils and refillable pens so when they do run out, they aren’t sitting in landfills for years to come. Choose recycled paper products, and buy supplies with less packaging (it’s all going to get thrown away anyway.)

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