10 Easy Ways to Make Your Spring Break Green

  • By Strive Fuel Team
  • 07 Mar, 2017

With Spring Break right around the corner, learn how you can get to your destination a little greener!  

1.     Book Nonstop Flights. If you haven’t gotten your flights booked yet, make your flight nonstop. Take-offs and landings create most of the carbon emissions from a flight, so reducing your take-off and landing to one will be better for the environment.

2.     Are more than two of you traveling? Make it a road trip! Believe it or not, road tripping with a group of friends or family can be more environmentally friendly than flying. Flying will be the more sustainable option if you will be the only traveler.

3.     Rent a Hybrid. If you are taking the road trip route, but you have a gas-guzzler car, rent a hybrid! This not only could save you money on gas, but it will be substantially better for the environment.

4.     Go Backpacking! If you like to be adventurous during your travels, go backpacking! Backpacking is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, packing only the essentials and staying in local places along the way!

5.     If you are not on the adventurous side, but still want to be environmentally conscious, take a train! Trains are designed to carry a lot of passengers, so the carbon emission per passenger is less.

6.     Carpool. Whatever you are doing, do it in a group! Not only will it make your travels more fun, but you can cut down on your carbon emissions by exploring together.

7.     Use Public Transportation. Are you going a short distance? Try out the bus! Not the most glamorous way of travel, but it will cut down on your carbon footprint. Like the train, the bus is made for a lot of passengers, making each passengers carbon footprint smaller. Even if you don’t get to your destination with public transportation, keep it in mind while you explore.

8.     Be aware of your surroundings as you travel! Recycle, don’t litter and be aware of wildlife.

9.     Check for Carbon Offset Options.   Some airlines have an opt-in option to reduce your carbon emissions for your specific flight. Ask your airline, or research the topic to find out if your flight could have this kind of program! A carbon offset option would mean that your flight carbon emissions would be offset by an investment in carbon credits.

10.     Fill up with STRIVE Fuel before you leave! Find an ALON 7-Eleven with the STRIVE Fuel program near you! For every gallon ALON Fuel you purchase with the STRIVE™ program, stores will invest in local greenscape, reforestation, wildlife protection, and renewable energy projects that not only reduce your car's emissions but also improve your community!


By Strive Fuel Team 13 Apr, 2017
With Easter right around the corner, you might not have time to go out and buy your Easter egg dying kit. But don’t worry! There are several eco-friendly recipes using things you already have around the house:

1.  Classic Home Made Dye. Your classic homemade dye is made with vinegar, water, and food coloring.

 -  First boil your eggs. (For egg dying purposes it is best to use white eggs, simply because the brown egg will not hold the color as well. Save your brown eggs for eating)
 -  Once eggs are boiled, allow them time to cool.
 -  Boil a pot of water. Once boiling, separate into glass cups.
 -  Add 1 tbsp. and food-coloring to each glass.
 -  Let them sit until color has set in.
 -  To decorate these eggs, use things you have around the house! Circle sticker, bunny stickers, masking or electrical tape.
 -  Get creative! With the stickers and tape, you can create different layers of colors.

2.  The Natural Route. There are several different things you can use to create natural dye each recipe is per cup of water:

By Strive Fuel Team 07 Apr, 2017

Last week, STRIVE® Fuel with Keep Odessa Beautiful supported the addition of 30 shade trees to Salinas Park and Woodson Park.  As a popular and frequently visited parks in Odessa, this area was in desperate need of some trees. ALON 7-Eleven volunteers and their families worked with Keep Odessa Beautiful and the parks department to plant various types of trees including Live Oaks and Grow Bag Pines for families to enjoy!

By Strive Fuel Team 16 Mar, 2017

1.     Get your green clothes from a thrift store. Shopping from a thrift store can help you go green because you will be keeping those clothes out of a landfill. Not only will you keep them out of the landfill, but you will also save emissions from production and distribution. The 90s style is once again on trend, so find your clothes for a bargain!

2.     Shop at your local Farmer’s Market for fun green food. St. Patrick’s Day is a great way to try out new recipes. Shop for the ingredients to your fun, green foods at your local Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s markets are sustainable and will keep your money in the local economy.

3.     Try to use old decorations. If you are a saver, you will likely already have old St. Patrick’s Day decorations. If you are not a saver now is the year to start! Find old things around the house you can reuse.

4.     Get crafty with nature. This holiday is the perfect holiday to incorporate nature. The theme is all green. Go outside and find some greenery that can double as decorations for this fun day.

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